“Contego mission is to provide all clients with unparalleled legal representation and property management

solutions to protect their investment while minimizing any potential losses and overall stress”.



A paralegal is a person trained in legal matters who has a firm understanding of the law and legal procedures. In Ontario, all paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to provide legal services within their scope of practice.

Paralegals typically charge less than half of what a lawyer conducting the same work would bill.

At Contego Legal Services, we have the expertise you can count on and trust for all your basic legal needs. 


Contego Legal Services firm is ready to address everything from evictions and troublesome tenants to marketing/ renting vacant properties and understanding all legal issues that landlords may face. The knowledge of legal property management is an essential piece to successful resolution of different residential issues. We know what works, what rents, and how you can get more from your investment property without added stress. We are also completely adept at finding comprehensive solutions regarding other legal matters. 

The reliable and cost-effective legal and consulting services have benefited many corporate landlords, owners of single- family, multi-family, and condominium units, as well as other individuals seeking legal advice within the Grater Toronto Area including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Woodbridge and more.

Contego clients comprise of new and established residential landlords, ranging from private individuals to medium-sized portfolio management organizations.

With over ten years of service experience, we’ll together achieve the results you need by taking the most effective route to protect your property.


Contego unique approach allows to carry out a comprehensive review of the way landlords service their portfolios to ensure an effective legal management process. The goal is to reduce future arrears of rent, late payments, frivolous claims, and to improve overall communication, organization and business relations with the tenants. 

Contego will work for you, by looking for ways to assist you without adding stress to your life. In case of landlord/tenant or small claims court disputes, Contego will support you through every step of the process or portion of it, depending on your specific needs. 

Contego Legal Services abides by the letter of the law, understands complex Ontario tenancy laws, and will effectively assist you in this process.


Contego Legal was born out of a strong desire to provide first-class customer service to its clients. Striving to exceed the expectations of clients by providing not only what they ask for but also what they truly need. The unique skill-set allows to help implement practices and procedures that promote positive tenant relations, support the effective management of rental properties, improve profits, and avoid costly mistakes. 

We understand how risky and stressful court appearances and legal issues can be to deal with alone. Even the smallest mistake may delay and already complex legal process and cost you additional money and unwanted stress.

We are also aware that the law in Ontario is often not on the side of landlords and residential property investors. They are not protected to the same degree as tenants. Lack of knowledge and understanding of federal and provincial laws makes them vulnerable to potential legal problems , leads to losing valuable time and money and adds to the level of stress.

At Contego Legal, we offer unbeatable paralegal services and effective solutions. Our commitment to detail and comprehensive understanding ensures our clients comply with the federal and provincial laws that changes regularly and significantly. It is absolutely crucial for us to inform and educate them about such alterations.  


We respect Your Privacy.

As your legal representative, we will need a substantial amount of personal information about you, which we will utilize, store and disclose it to render legal advice and legal services to you, to issue invoices and to maintain our database of clients. We will use it only to the extent necessary to execute our retainer with you.In our practice, confidentiality and discretion are always guaranteed.

Apart form disclosure necessary to discharge that tasks, we have undertaken for you, all information you give to us will be kept strictly confidential, except as required by law. Where we cannot guarantee confidentiality, we will advise you.


You will be asked to provide us with information about your matter  or the services you require using our form.

We will promptly review your information to determine whether we are able to assist you with your case.

We will contact you within 24 hours to follow up. You will then have an option to book a consultation at our offices to obtain legal advice, request services, or to retain us to represent you with your matter.

The fee for thorough, one hour consultation is $125.00. Other fees are structured depending on the complexity of the matter, or services requested by you. If you end up retaining our services, the cost of the consultation will be applied to the legal fees moving forward!  You don’t lose the fee paid!!!

We do not provide fee quotes unless we know all the details and can properly assess your request.

Please, complete the form, and we will contact you to discuss your inquiry in more detail.